The 'American Horror Stories' Cast Has A 'Glee' Alum, A 'Riverdale' Star, And Me... Very Confused

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The 'American Horror Stories' Cast Has A 'Glee' Alum, A 'Riverdale' Star, And Me... Very Confused

After months of teasing, Ryan Murphy has finally revealed some new members of the American Horror Stories cast — and now I'm even more confused. As he teased on Instagram, the American Horror Story spinoff will star Glee alum Kevin McHale, Riverdale's Charles Melton (an AHS alum), Pose star Dyllón Burnside, and The Prom's Nico Greetham — all of whom have worked with Murphy before. But, are they the main cast of the show, or is Murphy just playing with us?

Remember, American Horror Stories isn't another season of American Horror Story, it's actually a more complete anthology series, with every episode telling one contained story. And, as Murphy previously teased on Twitter, the 16-episode season "will feature AHS stars you know and love." So, this cast of men — dubbed "The Fantastic Four" — could be starring in every episode, or they could just be in the one. The way it's being reported — "Ryan Murphy Unveils Cast For AHS Spinoff" — sounds like these four actors are the main cast, but this could just be Murphy's way of throwing us off. What better way to keep what is undoubtedly a huge cast secret than to announce one episode's small troupe?

Just look at McHale's tweet sharing the news. Late on Wednesday, he retweeted an announcement from the fan profile The AHS Zone, adding three skull emojis. Now, the skull emojis are definitely worth noting — why only three skulls when there are four men in the photo? But what's really notable is the original AHS Zone tweet, which claimed that the four actors were starring in "American Horror Stories Episode 4."

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