Who's Dead & Who's Alive In The "Rubber(wo)Man" Episode Of 'American Horror Stories'? The Ghosts Are Still Going Strong

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Who's Dead & Who's Alive In The "Rubber(wo)Man" Episode Of 'American Horror Stories'? The Ghosts Are Still Going Strong

Spoilers ahead for American Horror Stories Episodes 1 and 2.

Not many who enter the Murder House on American Horror Story come out alive. And the same is true for the FX on Hulu spinoff American Horror Stories. When it comes to who's alive and who's dead in the Murder House on American Horror Stories, viewers at least have the advantage to know that most of the people in the house are probably ghosts... even if they don't appear as such initially. But the ghosts featured in "Rubber(wo)Man" Part 1 and 2 still might have tricked you once or twice. (They are sneaky that way.) Here's the official tally of the living and the dead for the latest visit to the Murder House.

Infanata: Ghost

In one of the only original AHS: Murder House cameos, Infantata (Shane Carpenter) is in his usual spot — hanging out in the basement, thirsty for blood.

Dr. Andi Grant: Ghost

Oh, did you think the therapist (Merrin Dungey) that comes for a home visit wasn't a ghost? Well, of course, she is... what therapist in L.A. is doing home visits anyway? And even though Dylan McDermott didn't stop by for a cameo, Dr. Andi Grant and Dr. Ben Harmon are apparently working on a book together.

Ruby: Ghost

Scarlett gets a girlfriend, Ruby (Kaia Gerber), in Part 2, who pretty quickly is revealed to be a ghost. Unlike, Taissa Farmiga's Violet when she was dating Tate, at least Scarlett was fully aware that her new girlfriend is dead. So I guess their human-ghost, co-murderer relationship is healthy??

Michael and Troy: Alive, Then Ghosts

Stories tricked the audience once again when Scarlett's dads Michael (Matt Bomer) and Troy (Gavin Creel) didn't know they had been murdered by Ruby in Part 2. Ah, classic Murder House.

Adam: Alive, Then A Ghost

Anyone new in the house should be considered to be a ghost, but the contractor Adam (Aaron Tveit) really had been a living, breathing person! That is until Rubber Man kills him in the doorway. Even though his murdered dead body fell outside of the Murder House, he's still on the property and ends up a ghost — ordering Scarlett to go on a Home Depot run.

Adam's Employee, Martin: Alive, Then A Ghost

Just like the very shady Adam, his employee Martin started out as an alive human. But then his boss went and killed him. What a ghost HR nightmare! Good thing Murder House has two therapists.

Maya & Friends: Ghosts

Sure, Maya (Paris Jackson) and her Mean Girls crew initially entered the Murder House alive in Part 1. But it was very temporary since Scarlett as the Rubber Woman lured them there so she could kill her bullies. They're stuck haunting away in Part 2 as their bodies rot in the walls.

Gladys: Ghost

One of the nursing students from the '60s, who was shown murdered in AHS Season 1, "Halloween," returns for Stories. Life continues to be horrifying for her since after getting murdered by R. Franklin in life, Gladys (Celia Finkelstein) gets continually stabbed by Ruby in death.

Scarlett: Alive

Besides the cops who come to investigate the murders of the four teen girls, the only person to make it out of Murder House alive is Scarlett (Sierra McCormick). Don't worry, she keeps in touch and comes to visit on Halloweens.

Rubber Man??: Ghost

While Scarlett dons the rubber suit to become the Rubber Woman, the Rubber Man is still around with his black eyes. Who's in the suit isn't clear. Is it Tate again? Well, Evan Peters didn't return for Stories (he's been a bit busy this year), so it could have been some other ghost. Can someone who's alive — looking at you, Scarlett — please take this suit to the dry cleaners?

Images: FX on Hulu

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