Here's What Happened To Love's First Husband James On 'You'

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Here's What Happened To Love's First Husband James On 'You'

If you watched Season 2 of You and thought that Love Quinn was just a normal gal who loved to bake and was still mourning the death of her late husband, you were probably shocked to find out that was very much... not the case. The object of Joe's affection wasn't in need of "saving" — she was the person who people needed to watch the hell out for. Love's true colors came out at the end of Season 2 and were on full display in Season 3 as she slashed her way through Madre Linda. But there was one death that still remained a mystery... What happened to Love's first husband James?

Warning! Spoilers for You Season 2 and Season 3.

While Love told Joe that her husband died after a long battle with an unspecified illness, that was far from the truth. While many fans suspected that Love was the person making James sick in the first place (Munchausen syndrome by proxy, anyone?) that actually wasn't the case. James really was sick, and Love cared for him throughout his illness. The problem was when James got better, and decided he didn't really want Love around anymore. (Duh, duh, duh.)

In an effort to make James listen to her reasoning, Love poisoned him with aconite, a paralytic that comes from a plant also known as wolfsbane. (Not necessarily the most common way to make someone stay, but this is You we're talking about.) Love accidentally used too much of the paralytic (she injected James with the poison rather than having it absorb through the skin like she did to Joe in the finale of Season 3) and, though it wasn't Love's intention, James died as a result.

It's unclear why no one knew Love was to blame for James' death, but it's safe to say that the wealthy, powerful Quinn family probably paid someone to look the other way. After all, Love's mother flat-out told Joe her daughter was guilty of killing her previous husband — something she only informed him of when she was on the outs with her daughter.

Love met the same fate as her late husband — but only after she tried to pull the same shtick she did on James, on her new husband, Joe. It seems Joe was the better match for Love, because he knew all her tricks, and took an antidote well in advance of Love using the poison on him.

Unfortunately, these two were just a little too toxic to grow old together — pun definitely intended.

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