I'll Never Forget The Toe Pot Pie On 'You'

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I'll Never Forget The Toe Pot Pie On 'You'

Warning: Spoilers for You Season 3, as well as spoilers for how to never look at a pot pie the same way ever again, to follow.

I've seen a lot of disturbing things on You over the years. There was the used tampon, the box of teeth, Joe breaking a dead woman's fingers while her corpse rots in a shallow grave. But none of those things quite compare to the Season 3 finale reveal of the toe pot pie.

Love Quinn-Goldberg is a baker extraordinaire (and she's a great cook, as she humbly professes in the finale). A roasted chicken for what soon would become her final meal? muah... Chef kiss. But Love isn't the only chef in the Quinn-Goldberg family, as we learned when Joe debuted his pièce de résistance in the form of a toe pot pie while framing the now deceased Love for his murder and every other murder that occurred in Season 3.

To the delicious tune of Taylor Swift and Bon Iver's "exile," Joe put on his apron and took off his socks to create the final piece of the puzzle that would put the entire Madre Linda season behind him and allow him to run off to Paris to find his (current) one true love, Marienne. With his toes in hand, he saved one for "Love's trophy box" and put the other delicately into the pot pie mixture. Umami?

As a subscriber of the Ina Garten Way of Life, I can commend Joe for going homegrown with his finishing touches on a dinner only Dahmer would enjoy, versus outsourcing it from a local Whole Foods or morgue. But must we ruin such a delicious family meal with the site of a pinky toe going in with the peas and carrots? Is nothing sacred anymore?

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