Who Gets Killed In The Woods On 'Yellowjackets'? Here Are Our Top Theories

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Who Gets Killed In The Woods On 'Yellowjackets'? Here Are Our Top Theories

There's much mystery surrounding what really happened to the plane crash survivors after 18 months in the wilderness — and that includes who didn't make it out alive. We know for sure that Shauna, Taissa, Natalie, and Misty all lived to tell their story (as did Travis, who died after the fact) but we don't yet know which survivors are living off the grid. The other thing we don't have an answer for yet? Which one of the Yellowjackets was killed in the woods after falling into a spiked pit — a gruesome scene we saw via flashback in the very first episode.

For the sake of ease, let's call her: Pit Girl.

Exactly what happened there is unclear — was this girl murdered intentionally, as is seemingly implied? Could the pit have been a trap for wild animals, and the death an accident? Did the Yellowjackets truly eat their deceased friend, or has everyone been wildly wrong to assume cannibalism is the show's big secret?

Until Yellowjackets delivers those answers, we only have so much to go on — like the fact that the girl was wearing Jackie's necklace (that she gave to Shauna) and has long brown hair — which could technically be many of the girls on the team. (I don't buy that Jackie is a natural blonde, do you?) For speculation's sake, here's our top theories for who Pit Girl is — and potentially on the plates of their teammates.


Physically, Lottie fits the bill pretty well for Pit Girl — but that's not the only reason she's top of my list. Whether or not you believe Lottie has true supernatural powers (I, personally, do not, but that's a theory for another time) Lottie has experienced visions and voices in the woods before. It seems like Pit Girl is having similar experiences when she's running through the woods — but she's not specifically being chased by anything. It's possible that Lottie is having a mental health crisis that leads her to run through the woods, and that she falls into the pit accidentally.


We know that Jackie gave Shauna her heart necklace, but 1) Shauna can't be Pit Girl, and 2) Shauna and Jackie are currently on the outs, suggesting that it's possible Jackie swipes that necklace back. If Jackie is the one who falls into the pit, it's possible that it was no accident: No one really likes Jackie right now, and if she continues to create chaos, she might be ousted from the campsite entirely. Whether her former friends would eat her just to be petty, well...we don't know exactly how bad things got out there, but we certainly can't rule that out.

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Mari also physically resembles Pit Girl, but I would be pretty surprised if it was her. Right now, she's not more than a background player on the show, so unless we get a serious Mari-focused plot line soon, it seems odd to make her play such a significant role. Then again, Yellowjackets has surprised us before — who is to say it can't again?

Another Person Living In the Woods

One thing that hasn't been explored very much yet is that the woods were occupied by at least one person — the man who owned the cabin the Yellowjackets have set up camp in. We've also seen plenty of symbols carved into trees in the woods — and we can't necessarily assume just one man carved them. It's possible that the Yellowjackets stumble upon another tribe who also live in the woods, and that it's someone from a different group entirely who ends up falling into the pit. If there's drama with this new group, it might explain why the pit was set up in the first place — as a means of protection.

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