Did Jackie Survive The Wilderness On 'Yellowjackets'? This Clue Might Confirm It

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Did Jackie Survive The Wilderness On 'Yellowjackets'? This Clue Might Confirm It

One of the big questions on Yellowjackets is which of the former high school soccer players survived their time in the woods. We know that Taissa, Natalie, Misty, and Shauna made it out alive, but right now, it's anybody's guess who else rescued from their Lord of the Flies-adjacent hell.

One person who definitely seems dead is Jackie, Shauna's former BFF, who an adult Shauna keeps seeing in present-day visions. That's officially confirmed in episode 6, when Shauna and her husband Jeff visit Jackie's parents, as they do every year on Jackie's birthday. Jackie's parents are still mourning over their deceased golden girl, who they gush over while inadvertently putting Shauna down in the process. Yet while Jackie may no longer be alive, an eagle-eyed fan on Reddit, DullAmbition, found a clue that suggests she may have survived the 19 months in the wilderness after all.

During Shauna's visit to Jackie's parents' house, she heads upstairs to her old friend's bedroom. She reads her journal, which features lists of Jackie's favorite movies and songs — most of which are from 1996 or earlier, which is when the Yellowjackets plane crashed. However, the timeline doesn't quite add up on another page of Jackie's diary, where she lists "movie characters I would be."

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Jackie's list includes characters from movie she couldn't have possibly seen, including:

—Rose from Titanic, which was released in 1997

—Torrance from Bring It On, which was released in 2000

—Angela from American Beauty, which was released in 1999

—Sidney from Scream, which came out in December 1996 (too late for Jackie to have seen it)

—Kat from 10 Things I Hate About You, which hit theaters in 1999

What might this mean? Well, there's always the possibility that production simply made an error, which obviously happens. But it's worth noting that the list of movies Jackie loves all fall before 1996 almost as if someone wanted to be extra careful to make sure it all lined up.

It's also interesting that this is the list that doesn't quite mesh timeline wise. After all, Jackie didn't make a list of her favorite movie characters — she made a list of characters she would "be." Most of these characters are the stars of their films, and while Jackie was certainly used to being the center of things (at least, until she and her friends got stranded in the woods, and her leadership role started to slip) it's also possible that Jackie felt like she had a story worth being made into a movie. If she survived a horrific ordeal in the woods, perhaps this list was a way of her reclaiming her narrative — sure, she went through hell, but now she could be a "main character" in a movie, like Rose who survived the sinking of the Titanic or Sidney, who defeated Ghostface.

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It's worth pointing out that no one ever says that Jackie didn't make it back from the woods. Perhaps she did, but died in a different way. A moment in episode 6 hints at this. While Shauna seems to have some guilt over Jackie's death, it's clear in episode 6 that she doesn't take all the blame — even waving it off when the vision of Jackie tells Shauna it's not her fault. Even after Jackie backtracks and tells Shauna it actually is her fault, it's with a caveat: "We were kids, and it was awful." If Jackie survived the woods but died by other means, it would make sense that Shauna didn't feel completely responsibility, as she might have it Jackie died while the two were together post-crash.

A tragic possibility could be that Jackie took her own life after enduring whatever it is the group endured in the woods. We know that some of the members of the Yellowjackets have dealt with some form of mental illness, as evidenced by Taissa's dissociative states, Natalie's addiction issues, and Shauna's potential depression. Maybe Jackie also suffered greatly upon returning home, but didn't make it to adulthood.

Yellowjackets seems keen on teasing out what happened to Jackie as long as possible — and right now, any fate seems possible.

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