Are The Woods In 'Yellowjackets' Really Supernatural? Here Are Our Best Theories

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Are The Woods In 'Yellowjackets' Really Supernatural? Here Are Our Best Theories

One of the most intriguing things about Yellowjackets is how it toes the line of the supernatural. On its surface, it's a show that feels more or less grounded in the real world. (Yes, even with someone like Misty, who is pretty larger-than-life, in the best way.) However, there's plenty of suggestion that the show is diving into supernatural territory — at least, when it comes to what the Yellowjackets experienced during their time in the wilderness. From Lottie's strange psychic-like behavior (how did she start speaking French out of nowhere?) to Van's insistence that she had a vision during her near-death experience, it's all leading up to a big question: Is there something supernatural in the woods?

The end of Season 1 doesn't provide any concrete answers, which means that right now, it's up to the audience's interpretation. There are clues that could certainly indicate the show is moving in a supernatural direction — and yet, on the flip side, it's important to consider how the perspective through which we are watching this show comes into play. Here are a few theories that could explain Yellowjackets' supernatural connection.

Theory #1: Yes, the Woods Are Straight-Up Spooky & Supernatural

We don't know exactly what is haunting the woods, but there's a chance that the Yellowjackets just stumbled upon a place with some serious supernatural entities. Lottie might be particularly in tune with the spirits of the woods — her parents suspected she had supernatural powers from childhood — and that's why Lottie will thrive as the group's new leader. The seance, in which Lottie began speaking French despite being terrible at the language in school, is a big piece of evidence. So are Lottie's multiple premonitions, such as that the group wouldn't be hungry for very long (a bear shows up and basically asks Lottie to kill him for food) and the so-called "river of blood," which Van thinks predicted her wolf attack. Maybe we shouldn't overthink it: Clearly, Lottie's got some supernatural connection to the woods, and it should be taken at face value...right?

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Theory #2: The Woods Have Some Spooky Stuff Going On, But The Yellowjackets Are Running With It

I'm inclined to believe that Lottie is a false prophet — but that may be because her as this all-knower character just feels a bit too easy in a show that has routinely flipped the script on its audience. (Jeff being the blackmailer? Adam being a regular guy? It fits the bill.) Maybe certain supernatural elements of the show are legit, like Shauna dreaming of Jackie's death before discovering her frozen body outside. There could really be ghosts, but they may play a much smaller role in the Yellowjackets' survival than we currently assume. Overestimating the connection the Yellowjackets have to the supernatural elements could prove to be pretty dangerous.

Theory #3: There's Nothing Supernatural Going On & It's All In Their Heads

This is my personal favorite theory, and it ties back to the novel Lord of the Flies, which is a big inspiration for the show's creators. In the book, a group of boys are stranded on an island, and have to find ways to survive. At one point, they put a pig's head on a stick, and dub it the Lord of the Flies. The character Simon has a conversation with the Lord of the Flies, and it becomes clear that despite how the boys were previously interacting with it, it isn't a real creature at all, but a symbol for the evilness within the boys' hearts. How might this relate to Yellowjackets? Well, look at how the girls behaved towards Travis when Lottie gave them permission to go absolutely bananas on their friend — they lost all self control, and Shauna nearly slit Travis' throat in the process. All they needed was a little push (and some psychedelic mushrooms) to be on their worst behavior. Perhaps that's what will happen in Yellowjackets: Lottie, having convinced everyone that there is a supernatural entity in the woods that she is connected to, will encourage the survivors to do terrible things. All the stuff the adult Yellowjackets are alluding to, all the things they want to hide? It could be simple: They were conned into believing a supernatural lie, and used it as an excuse to be the worst versions of themselves. (Hmm, like say...engaging in cannibalism?)

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Season 2 of Yellowjackets should deliver more answers as to what really went down in the wilderness — but I suspect that there's a lot less supernatural happenings going on than Lottie and the rest of the characters would have us believe.

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