The 'Yellowjackets' Blackmailer, Explained

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The 'Yellowjackets' Blackmailer, Explained

This week's Yellowjackets delivered good and bad news for Shauna. The good news? The so-called blackmailer isn't a big threat to the Yellowjackets' secrets after all. The bad news? That means that Shauna killed Adam, the guy she thought was the blackmailer, for absolutely no reason. Oops!

After discovering glitter in the bottom of her closet, Shauna becomes convinced that Adam is the person blackmailing the Yellowjackets. It's hard to blame Shauna for jumping to this conclusion — Adam did lie to Shauna about going to art school at Pratt, and his random appearances in her life do feel a little too much of a coincidence. Yet when Shauna confronts Adam, he denies having anything to do with the blackmail — and seems genuinely confused as to what Shauna is talking about. When Shauna discovers that Adam has a book and magazine related to the Yellowjackets story, however, she believes that she's correct about Adam's bad intentions — and stabs hims to death.

It's a bummer, because shortly afterwards, the truth about the whole blackmailing situation comes to light. Adam wasn't the blackmailer after all — instead, it was Jeff who came home covered in glitter. (It was his closet, after all — think Shauna, think!) Jeff tells Shauna that he used her journals to blackmail the other Yellowjackets — specifically, Taissa, who he knows had enough money to pay him off. Jeff was desperate to pay back loan sharks, and figured it wouldn't hurt anyone to blackmail the Yellowjackets as long as his wife didn't find out about it. That's why Shauna never got a postcard: Jeff wanted to keep Shauna out of his blackmail scheme, not realizing she was in communication with the other survivors.

Unfortunately, Jeff's plan was terrible, and led to a whole bunch of unnecessary drama...including his wife cheating on him with Adam in the first place. Jeff, however, is well aware that he royally screwed up, and offers to take the blame for Adam's murder. Instead, Shauna insists on more scheming in order to make sure neither of them go to prison — but mostly so that the secrets of the Yellowjackets, which would inevitably get drudged up during a murder investigation, never come to light.

The new plan is to make it so that the other Yellowjackets believe Adam really was the blackmailer, therefore justifying Shauna killing him — and giving them a reason to help her get rid of the body. Taissa, Natalie, and Shauna are too squeamish to do what has to be done (from watching too much Riverdale, I imagine it involves bone saw and lye) so they turn to the person who would be flattered when asked to get rid of a body for her friends: Misty.

Can Shauna get away with keeping this secret from her fellow Yellowjackets? That seems unlikely, especially since Misty really, really hates being lied to. Fingers crossed Shauna doesn't end up tied up in Misty's basement next.

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