This 'Winter House' Hookup Web Proves All Roads Lead Back To ... Shep?

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This 'Winter House' Hookup Web Proves All Roads Lead Back To ... Shep?

What I love about the Bravo Cinematic Universe is that it is messy. And ever evolving. And definitely a little incestuous at times. What can I say, these Bravolebs are hot little horn dogs. They love to drink, party, and hook up with each other while they watch Drive on a Cheeto-stained couch.

The messiness mostly started with Vanderpump Rules (thank you Jax and Kristen!), which then helped launch our new favorite show Summer House, and then the Summer House cast befriended the Southern Charm cast... and now we have our newest favorite show coming this fall: Winter House. (Technically it's called Summer House Winter Charm, but I refuse.) And you know what a new show means: old friendships, new hookups, and crossovers for days.

This is where it gets interesting so in the words of Danielle Staub, PAY ATTENTION, PUH-LEASE.

Awhile back, Vanity Fair put out a map of the relationships and the tangled web of the Hadid, Foster, and Kardashian families because, much like our Bravo babes, they are all connected. I was inspired, so I got my little pen and paper out and started drawing all of the Winter House relationships (why am I like this) and it hit me.

Is Shep Rose the David Foster of Winter House? Do all snowy roads lead to... Shep? The answer is, yes. Yes they do.

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