All The Clues 'Winter House' Season 2 Is Happening

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All The Clues 'Winter House' Season 2 Is Happening

It's January, which means we're finally getting a new season of our favorite Bravo show, Summer House and I am obviously thankful. But in true Bravo-fan fashion, it's not enough. I always want more. As soon as the Summer House trailer dropped and the premiere date was revealed, I immediately was like, alright that's great, what's next?? I need to know if our favorite guys and gals of Summer House and Southern Charm are going to be filming a Winter House Season 2.

I need something to look forward to after our time in the Hamptons and in Charleston, and honestly, I think we will get another season of Winter House. Here's why.

Winter House Season 1 Was A Success

Winter House Season 1 was really that bitch. In a sea of legal allegations involving burn victims, plane crashes, and defrauding the elderly, I think Winter House gave everyone what they wanted: a delightful, easy, low-stakes show to just indulge in.

Every week I would go on Twitter or Instagram, and all people were talking about on Wednesday nights into Thursday mornings was the Stowe, Vermont shenanigans. The show was a perfect little palette cleanser and something everyone in the Bravo world could actually agree on. At one point it even had higher ratings than the once beloved Vanderpump Rules.

The Network Is Investing In The Cast

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