Madison LeCroy Explains That "Engagement Ring" Photo From Instagram - UPDATE

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Madison LeCroy Explains That "Engagement Ring" Photo From Instagram - UPDATE

It seems that from the moment she became a mainstay on Southern Charm (under unfortunate circumstances tbh, never forget the footage in Austen Kroll's apartment we saw over and over and over) we haven't been able to escape The Madison LeCroy. She's in the headlines every single week and I live for it. A lot of Bravo fans out there either love her or hate her — she's polarizing, for sure — but I genuinely don't think she gives a single fuck. She's great at trolling on Instagram, and that, my friends, makes me a Madison stan.

UPDATE: On October 14, Madison LeCroy announced via Amazon Live (??) that she's engaged to her fiancé Brett. She explained in the video that the proposal felt "surreal" and asked all the ladies watching for advice about planning her bachelorette party. Congrats!

EARLIER: So on Sunday, when she posted a pic on Instagram with her new man, and a ring on that finger, I was like, "That's my girl." So we messaged about it.

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Madison is an IG savvy queen who knows what will get people talking. Also, let's be real, Madison doesn't strike me as the no-diamond-on-an-engagement-ring kind of girl, which I mean, same. So Milo Ventimiglia, if you're reading this, now you know. (I will also be linking my Pinterest wedding board in case you need inspiration babe!)

OK, so, on Monday, Madison messaged me on Instagram, writing:

"You remember when Venita [Aspen] and I went and got the love rings... well now everyone thinks I'm engaged."

And I responded, "I can't lie, I thought that for a split second then came to my senses."

To set the record straight, though: Madison confirmed to me that she is NOT engaged.

Now, as for Madison's mystery man, we don't know who he is, and she wants to keep it that way. She told me that he has no social media, and that he wants nothing to do with the show. We love a man who is not big on social media.

Madison is quite controversial in the Bravosphere; I think when someone is that beautiful, independent, successful and doesn't take men's shit, it will inevitably ruffle some Lily Pulitzer. The men of Southern Charm do not like Madison, and that makes me love her even more. They try to come for her for doing exactly what they have been doing for years. Shep has cheated on his girlfriend, Austen cheated on Madison, and yet, Madison FaceTiming with A Rod, when she wasn't in a relationship, is the worst thing in the world to them? Come on.

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While Madison didn't share any more details about her new boyfriend or their status, I just have to say one thing before we go. One of my favorite things Madison does is inadvertently or advertently troll Austen's beer company with her Budweiser sponcon. That's all.

Photo: Instagram

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