Why Is Everyone On 'Winter House' Crying??

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Why Is Everyone On 'Winter House' Crying??

On this week's episode of Winter House, our Vermont revelers are exactly seven days into their vacation — the perfect time for a meltdown. Several cast members succumbed to the stress of romantic rejection, friendship breakdowns, binge drinking, and of course, constant surveillance by Bravo cameras.

While this episode did not mark the first time a housemate broke down in tears — recall Kyle Cooke weeping over his "MIA" fiancée Amanda Batula in Episode 3 — this was the most crying-heavy installment to date. Who had it the worst?

Julia McGuire and Gabby Kniery got into repeated discussions about the (uneasy) state of their ten-year friendship, but neither was moved to tears. Craig Conover, too, had a rough time this week — he was missing his unseen girlfriend, Natalie — but he didn't cry over it.

The biggest weepers just so happened to be some of the closest friends in the house: Paige DeSorbo, Amanda, and Ciara Miller.

Here are their stories.

Paige DeSorbo :'(

Poor Paige had a rough go of it this episode. She was seemingly the last in the house to find out that her makeout buddy/Italian model Andrea Denver is not interested in a serious relationship with her. But even before this revelation, she cried to Amanda and Ciara Miller about her past relationships and fears that "no one ever gets to know my personality."

But when the time came for Lindsay Hubbard to drunkenly reveal Andrea's noncommittal ways to her, Paige was surprisingly calm. TBD if she keeps it together next week, when she will most likely confront Andrea over his playboy behavior.

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