Which 'Winter House' Guy Exhibits The Most Red Flags?

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Which 'Winter House' Guy Exhibits The Most Red Flags?

On episode three of Winter House, almost all the women in Vermont were disappointed in some way. Paige DeSorbo wished that her current makeout buddy Andrea Denver would take her on a date. Amanda Batula wished that her fiancé Kyle Cooke would stop “working” so much and pay attention to her. Lindsay Hubbard wished that Austen Kroll did not tell her, on camera, that he loves her “like a sister.” Alas. I guess it’s hard not to be disappointed when the object of your affection is a guy in his late thirties who is willingly participating in a reality show about binge drinking.

But which Winter House guy is the worst? More specifically: Which guy exhibits the most red flags? Here is a scientific accounting based on this most recent episode.

Jason Cameron: No Red Flags

Poor Jason. He’s spent the entirety of the season so far telling everyone in the house that he has a crush on his model friend Gabby Kniery, only to learn during this episode that Gabby loves him “like a brother.” (What is it with these people and their constant invocations of familial love?)

Aside from this disappointment, Jason did not figure into the episode much, and thus did not exhibit any red flags. He seems nice, and I hope he finds love.

Craig Conover: No Current Red Flags (Only Previous Ones)

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