Who Is Charli Burnett's Boyfriend Corey? Meet The Man Behind The Tattoos

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Who Is Charli Burnett's Boyfriend Corey? Meet The Man Behind The Tattoos

Charli Burnett is only on her second season on Vanderpump Rules, and she's still trying to find her place at SUR, where she "works" as a waitress. But, with the introduction of Charli's boyfriend on VPR, she might just become one half of the show's most stable couple.

Charli has been dating her boyfriend Corey Loftus for at least four years (less than James and Raquel, but more than Scheana and Brock). They first posted about each other on Instagram in the summer of 2017 (Corey posted a couple pic that June, Charli followed in August), but it's possible that they had already been dating for a while before making it IG official, as neither appear to have any old flames on their pages. And they seem like a pretty solid couple. In fact, Charli recently told Bravo Insider that the two were planning on moving in together soon. Sounds like a Pump Rules storyline waiting to happen! But before I go all in on Charli and Corey, I'm going to need more background information.

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A quick Instagram scan of Corey's profile reveals a few facts about him. And not just that, according to his Instagram bio, he's based in LA and San Diego and works in "Art x Commerce."

Corey Is A Photographer

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It's unclear if he's ever actually worked as a professional photographer, but his Insta is littered with artsy photos of his friends surfing, or scenic shots from his many travels around the world.

Corey & Charli Love To Travel

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Charli and Corey both have plenty of pics from their extensive travels, whether it's their 2017 trip to Thailand, or their most recent summer trip to Hawaii.

Fun fact: Charli actually missed some days of filming Season 9 to go to Hawaii with Corey and his family. "There was no way I was missing a free trip to Hawaii," she told The Daily Dish podcast. "I literally had the best time in Hawaii, I drank so many piña coladas. 10 out of 10 do not regret."

Corey Has Tons Of Tattoos

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Corey has two full sleeves and seems to be working on getting his left leg all inked, too. The tattoos are mostly done in simple black ink, though there are a few colors in there. As you can tell from the photos, they're not super easy to make out, though I can say with absolute certainty that he has what looks like some kind of viking helmet and ship on one shoulder and a portrait of a woman on the other. He also seems to have a tooth floating around his bicep.

Corey & Charli Have A Fur Baby

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In October of 2020, Corey adopted Leo, a very sweet pup who has since appeared on both Charli and Corey's pages. He was even part of their couple's Halloween costume last year, playing the Scooby-Doo to Charli's Velma and Corey's Fred.

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Corey's Instagram seems pretty solid, but it also gives zero detail on what this man actually does for a living. And, with no Twitter to his name (an account active in 2015 "@corey_loftus" was suspended for reasons unknown, and it doesn't look like he's created a new one since), there's only one more place to turn: LinkedIn.

According to Corey's LinkedIn profile, he's a "Commerce Strategist and Digital Marketing Consultant" who, up until last month, was working for PowerDot, a company that sells "Smart Muscle Stimulators." Per his profile, he worked on digital communications and sales channels for over three years, and appears to have left when the company was acquired by another outfit in 2021. It doesn't look like he's got another gig lined up just yet — at least not one that he's willing to announce on LinkedIn. Could this be a sign that he and Charli are ready to commit to full=time reality TV stardom?

Maybe this is the fresh blood Vanderpump Rules needs if it's going to survive much longer.

Image: Charli Burnett/Instagram

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