Scheana Shay's Dating History Explains How We Got To Brock Davies

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Scheana Shay's Dating History Explains How We Got To Brock Davies

Let me start by saying, I love Scheana Marie Shay. Truly I do. It's not like the love I have for, say, a Sonja Morgan or a Dorinda Medley or even a Lisa Barlow, because a part of me laughs at Scheana rather than with Scheana, if you get what I'm saying, but I root for her every season. And I will root for her in Season 9. Because it doesn't look like it will be easy for her.

The Season 9 trailer dropped yesterday and Brock Davies, Scheana's baby daddy and fiancé, makes his debut as a full-time cast member on this, his first season on the show, and I have to tell you, I was shocked when I saw that man in the cast photo.

It wasn't like cast photos from previous seasons, which is filled from top to bottom with irrelevant SUR waiters and waitresses that make a cameo while pouring a Pumptini. Brock is legit a part of the cast.

Now, he isn't the first of Scheana's men to make it into the promo picture... Her ex-husband Mike Shay, ex boyfriend Rob Valletta, and "best friend" Adam Spott have all made the cut.

So how did we get here, and by here I mean, to a man named Brock?

Eddie Cibrian (Pre-Vanderpump Rules)

[rich Embed]

Ok I know you're probably thinking "why is he even on this list he was never on the show," to which I say... how dare you? He is the reason Scheana Marie Shay is even on this show in the first place. Because let us not forget she was "the mistress" in the Eddie and Brandi Glanville love triangle, which gave us the most flawless transition in television history.

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