Scheana Shay & John Mayer's Relationship Led To Her Role On 'VPR'

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Scheana Shay & John Mayer's Relationship Led To Her Role On 'VPR'

In 2005, you were either Team Jennifer Aniston or Team Angelina Jolie. The nation was divided. But what if I were to tell you that in 2008, you could've been Team Scheana Marie? Because that's right ladies and germs, our Scheana Shay from Marina del Rey dated John Mayer after Aniston. Yes, that John Mayer.

In 2020, Scheana went on the podcast Flashbacks and said that she was at one time in a "throuple" with John Mayer after his break up with Aniston. She said she first met Mayer at the Grand Havana room when she was working and he was there with Jen.

First, let's learn about what the Grand Havana Room was like in 2008. Scheana described it as the "Soho House before Soho House." You had to be member there in order to get in, no cameras were allowed, and it was all very discreet. Jessica Hall, one of the co-hosts of the podcast says on the episode that "there were only six girls working there total... there were rules. You weren't allowed to date the members... a very exclusive kind of lounge place."

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When asked about this whole John Mayer situation, Scheana says, "I was called to work a private birthday party for a celebrity, they wouldn't tell me who it was... Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer walk in... and I end up getting wasted with them." She continues: "Every time they did a shot, they would get me a shot."

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