Randall hanging with his ex-wife for Ocean's Bday

As I was partaking in my favorite past time of mindlessly looking through Instagram stories, I came across everyone's least favorite pickle ball enthusiast Randall Emmett. It's baby Ocean's first birthday today and everyone from VPR is spreading the love, and I obviously assumed Randall would post something to celebrate his daughter. What I did not expect was a story of his ex wife, Ambyr Childers, holding baby O and joining the celebration. It also took me the help of an Instagram follower to realize who it was because she has morphed into Lala's clone. I truly thought it was Lala for a minute but then I remembered she probably can't be within arms length of Randall without clawing his face off.

I think it's great that Ambyr can have a cordial relationship with Randall for the sake of their older kids but I think it's strange that she's included in celebrating Ocean's birthday. I feel like Randall is posting this to get a rise out of Lala and stir the pot a bit. Why not have Ambyr take a video of him holding the baby and celebrating? Why his ex wife? It's all so bizarre to me, even for VPR standards. I also cannot get over how much his ex physically looks like Lala now considering she looked completely different when he left her. I feel like I'm in a weird episode of The Twilight Zone.