Why Kristen, Scheana, & Brittany weren't at Stassi's wedding

I don't like Stassi as a person, and fundamentally disagree with her on many many things she has said and done, but I'm not going to lie, I've been following her Italian wedding closely. It looked... gorgeous. But, I couldn't help but notice some people were missing 👀 from the Rome wedding.

According to Us Weekly and a source, “Some of her family, friends and former costars, including Scheana, had to be disinvited,” Ouch.

So what were the disinvited up to?

- Scheana was apparently hosting a special live episode of her “Scheananigans” podcast in NYC.

- Lala was in Nashville as part of her Give Them Lala Live tour, recreating Ran's cheating photo.

- Kristen was off to Hawaii. No witches of WeHo in Roma!

- Brittany and J*x were in LA, lol, didn't even try to fake that they were "busy".

- Tom Sandoval performed with his band in LA on Wednesday night (but did post a Story from the Delta skylounge on Thursday morning... but he'd have missed the actual wedding)