Schwartz’s post-divorce behavior

I’m disappointed, but not surprised. Since the announcement of his divorce from Katie, Tom had been carefully charting his storyline online, and it’s clear he’s making himself out to be a victim.

First, the divorce announcement, which clearly set him up as the hurt party with a multi-swipe IG announcement. It seemed he was trying to show that this divorce was done TO him, not something that was long overdue, thanks, at least in part, to his behavior.

Then, there’s the TikTok he posted about being marriage material. At best, it’s self-deprecating; but it feels to be just a continuation of the “Aw, shucks” Schwartz, who, may I remind you, had to be dragged to the altar in the first place. This man suddenly cares NOW about being marriage material? And wants to prove that he is despite all the evidence to the contrary?

Also in the video, he made sure to prominently display the wedding ring on his finger, even if it was on the wrong hand. I feel like there’s something subliminal he’s trying to accomplish there.

Add to that the rumors that he talks about Katie in Winter House, and I am just DONE.

I am not sure why I expected better from Schwartz after all this time, but given Katie has been so quiet about everything while Schwartz will be given a mouthpiece to spin the narrative as he chooses (and Sandoval certainly will make him the victim too)… it’s just so disappointing.