What If The 'Vanderpump Rules' Pasta Was Really About The Pasta?

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What If The 'Vanderpump Rules' Pasta Was Really About The Pasta?

Let them eat... carbs? After years of speculation surrounding one of reality television's most iconic lines, Lala Kent is setting the record straight on that Vanderpump Rules "pasta" fight. And in this case, she insists, pasta really is just pasta.

While promoting her new book, naturally titled Give Them Lala, the reality star gave us new details about the infamous pasta fight she had with James Kennedy in Season 6 of Vanderpump. You know, the one that ended with James screaming, "It's not about the pasta!" and had fans convinced that "pasta" was code for cocaine? (We can all agree on that, right?) Well, according to Lala, they really were talking about pasta, but that's not really what they were upset about. I'm listening...

According to Lala's book, the pasta story really was just a story about dinner, but the reason they got so upset was because of behind the scenes drama. Per Entertainment Tonight, Lala wrote that producers had asked her to bring up James' alleged hookup with Logan Noh, and she brought up the pasta incident as a way to change the conversation. So, when James lashed out at her, saying she was "a bitch towards Raquel" and insulting her relationship, she stormed out.

"I wish that it was about the drug that everyone thinks it was about, that would be a much cooler story," she told ET. "It was literally about a bowl of pasta for me to try and detour."

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