Lala Kent Says The Reunion Was So Awful, She Might Quit The Show

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Lala Kent Says The Reunion Was So Awful, She Might Quit The Show

It seems that the drama we've all been waiting for this season of Vanderpump Rules is happening in the off season. Listen, I know I've been saying it could be time to put this show out to pasture, but with the recent events... I'd like the cameras to get rolling. Immediately. Maybe I'm just hopeful because Vanderpump was my favorite non-Housewives Bravo show and it gave us so much for so long. But when multiple main couples break up and do it so publicly (Raquel Leviss and James Kennedy and Lala Kent and Randall Emmett), I want to see the fall out. I need to see it.

But we may never see it: One of the stars hinted she might not return next season after what went down at this season's reunion, which wrapped filming last week. On her most recent podcast episode of Give Them Lala, Lala Kent spilled some major tea on what went down at the Season 9 reunion and it's... something.

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Lala's co-host Jessica asked her how she's feeling after the reunion, and Lala said: "You know, it was a strange feeling for me. I'm gonna spill some tea. I finished the reunion, we're all wrapped up and good. And I didn't hear from one person on my cast except for Raquel to say, 'Hope you're doing ok.' That was very telling for me."

The whole reunion really left her questioning all of her friendships she thought she had. She said, "I'm not saying this group of my friends are bad people in any way. Just because I'm going through something doesn't mean the world stops. However, for example, Tom Sandoval will post something about his men's make-up line and if I think the photo is fantastic that he posts, I send him a text ... The fact that my life has been turned upside down and, maybe they don't know the ins and outs of it, but I was visibly upset at the reunion, and for not one of them to reach out except for my little Bambi, was like I said, eye opening."

Raquel and Lala have broken engagements in common, but they haven't had the easiest road to a friendship so honestly, when she said Raquel of all people reached out to her, that was shocking for me. We all remember when Raquel almost got physical with Raquel in season 7.

Raquel supposedly gave James the engagement ring back at the reunion on Friday, then Monday, they confirmed the split on their respective Instagrams. And Lala touched on that a bit on her podcast. She went on to say "if the roles were reversed I would've reached out like 'hey how ya doing?' Just like I did to James after the reunion. I checked in. And for Raquel and James to be going through something pretty life-altering as well, for Raquel to reach out and send the sweetest text message in the world, meant everything to me."

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As far as her future on the show Lala said, "I've been on this show for six years. I've changed a lot as a person. No one can tell me otherwise... so when I think back on my time on the show, it's been the ultimate mirror for me. But after that reunion I sat back and thought, 'is this the space for me anymore? or do we need to do some soul searching?' I mean, who knows. There may not even be another season that comes out of this. Let's say that they call tomorrow and say that we've been picked up [for another season], I would take a big pause, because I don't if that's the place for me anymore."

Holy. Shit. That is major. But I can't say I blame her. I can't imagine going through a devastating, embarrassingly public split and having no one even check in to see if you're OK. Lala said, "for my friends to not check in on me, was like taking a fucking bullet."

Honestly, it sounds to me like she's done or at least needs a break. I hope that's not the case because if this show does come back for another season, I don't know if it could survive losing another main cast member.

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