Katie Maloney's Abortion Story Is Raw & Honest

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Katie Maloney's Abortion Story Is Raw & Honest

Every now and again, Vanderpump Rules will show us its softer side. Beneath all the costumes (seriously, Sandoval's outfits are just elevated Party City looks at this point), beneath all the cocktails and the pickleball and the hair extensions, there sometimes lies something deeper and realer, and in Tuesday's Oct. 26 episode, we got to see that when Katie Maloney-Schwartz shared her abortion story.

In a conversation with husband Tom Schwartz about their upcoming fertility check-up (the two have had trouble conceiving, so Tom and Katie want their sperm and uterus examined) Katie says, "I was filling out paper work, and it was asking, like, if you had ever been pregnant before," she says as she starts to tear up, "so that's definitely going to come up in our consultation."

"It's OK. I think we made the best decision at the time," Tom replies.

"I think we absolutely made the best decision because, listen, it was so early in our relationship, and we were so..." Katie trails off.

"Uncertain about our future," Tom says. "We were uncertain about the next day."

"Exactly," says Katie. "I knew I wanted to have kids, but I knew that wasn't the time in my life."

Katie says in her confessional that she had an abortion about ten years ago. She and Tom had only been together about a year and it "was not pretty," she says. Katie wanted the relationship to work, but they were fighting all the time, and she didn't want to end up a single mom. Tom was still living with Sandoval at the time and had less than $300 in his bank account.

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