Judging 'Vanderpump Rules' Season 9, Based On The Trailer & Deep Institutional Knowledge

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Judging 'Vanderpump Rules' Season 9, Based On The Trailer & Deep Institutional Knowledge

After a yearlong break caused by the pandemic and, naturally, some problematic skeletons in the closet, Vanderpump Rules is finally ready to make its 2021 debut. Gone are the likes of Jax, Stassi, Brittany, Beau, and Kristen (not to mention failed newbies Max, Brett, and Dana) and in their place are two babies and an Australian big enough to fill the shoes of six bartenders. I speak, of course, of Brock — Scheana’s new baby daddy / resident man-mountain.

It’s hard to know what this all means for VPR. The show had been on a downward trajectory after its sixth, triumphant season. Now, with its main villains eradicated and the uncertainty of COVID hanging over production, the show is facing a crossroads. Will it enter a new glory age? Or is this the slow march towards cancellation? As Bravo viewers there’s only one thing for us to do: make snap judgments based on a highly edited promotional item.

The following is my take on how much entertainment potential the cast members have based solely on the Season 9 trailer.

Lisa Vanderpump

The pandemic gave us many things, including Overserved with Lisa Vanderpump and Vanderpump Pets. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the latter, but I can report that Overserved was not a wonderful contribution to Villa Rosa’s legacy.

However, I’m optimistic that LVP can rebound. One exciting sign: Lisa appears to have abandoned the fuddy-duddy pussy bows and ruffled blazers she’s taken to wearing in recent years. Progress! I anticipate several cheeky, overworked jokes, as well as the occasional scene where Lisa clasps someone’s hand, lets her eyes go glossy, and gives the maternal advice we all love.

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