Jax & Brittany Want Another Reality Show & Here's Their Pitch

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Jax & Brittany Want Another Reality Show & Here's Their Pitch

Since the new season of Vanderpump Rules premiered, we haven't really heard much from the fired OGs. Stassi Schroeder went silent after her disastrous Tamron Hall interview in September 2020, and we haven't heard a peep from Kristen Doute. But Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright? Well, they're back, and they're kind of dipping their toes back in.

On Tuesday, Jax and Brittany went on Access Hollywood to give us a media- trained update on what they've been up to.... and what they're thinking about for the future.

So currently, the two are just enjoying their now 8-month-old baby boy, Cruz. Jax said that "we're so fortunate to be able to spend this much time with our kid. Growing up, my dad was working all the time, so it's just nice to have the free time to be able to be with him and watch him grow."

All of that is very nice, but then it got interesting.

When asked about expanding their family Jax immediately started to fidget a little bit, was nervously tapping his hands and it just felt a bit off.

Before having another child, he said they have to move out of LA. He said, "Well, I'm just not 100% sure I still wanna live here and raise a family in California. You know, I'm a midwest guy, my wife's from Kentucky, we grew up with a different lifestyle."

What I found interesting is that Brittany was mostly silent on this front. She chimed in saying that she would like to be around family and be closer to them, but for most of the segment, she didn't say too much.

Jax went on to say, "I just don't think [Cruz] could get the childhood he deserves living here," and Brittany quickly chimed in, "but then again, there is a lot more opportunity here."

The host wondered what's next for Jax and Brit, asking if there are any projects in the works, and Brittany said, "We have a couple projects in works, I have some stuff coming out soon but I don't have launch dates yet... We would definitely love to be on TV again... We are definitely open to it."

When asked how he feels about not being part of the show anymore, Jax said, "I'm OK with that, I have no interest in that lifestyle," and Brittany said that Jax has taken not being part of the show better than she has.

But, if they were to get back on TV, Jax has an idea of that the show would be about.

He said, "to be totally honest with you, I kind of checked out the last season and a half, because again, I'm the oldest one on the show you know... if they were open to do something about my friends that are married, have kids, something that's a little bit more, I don't want to say 'grown up,' but something that is in the middle of Vanderpump and Housewives," Jax would be down.

It's worth mentioning, I suppose, that Jax is also writing a children's book, which he described as "a love letter to my son about my father," and we can expect that to come out Summer of 2022. Now if there is one thing in life I could say I would never think would happen it would be Jax Taylor writing a children's book.

The fact that these two disgraced (is disgraced too harsh of a word? maybe? maybe not?) reality stars are thinking about getting back in on the action after everything that's happened just feels so bleak to me. They probably would be happier living in the country away from Hollywood.

Maybe Jax could be a social media manager for a sport's team or something? Just an idea.

Image: NBC and Bravo

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