James Kennedy & Max Todd's Salad Fight, Explained

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James Kennedy & Max Todd's Salad Fight, Explained

On Vanderpump Rules, we've seen relationships crumble over big things, like sleeping with a friend's ex-boyfriend, or bringing up a pastor's homophobic remarks, and now, in the Season 9 premiere, we see a long-lasting friendship die over... a salad. A salad with a $10 split charge, to be exact.

During the premiere, we learn there's been a fallout between Max Todd (Lisa Vanderpump's son, for the uninitiated) and DJ James Kennedy (White Kanye, for those too initiated). Now, I have seen a lot of things in my day when it comes to reality television, but this level of vitriol over a salad is really one for the books.

It made me wonder, how fucking good is this salad? Who the fuck makes such a fantastic salad? What the fuck is split charge? I had to know.

The Restaurant

Image: Google Earth

Dan Tana's is the home of the $45 chicken parm, and the place of Max and James falling out. It's a well-known Italian restaurant, and the catch-phrase on the website reads, "For over fifty years & there's still a wait". That phrase makes no sense, but it's the first thing that greets you on the site.

But OK, so maybe Dan Tana's doesn't look like much on the outside but apparently it is quite the little hot spot for those living in West Hollywood. The Infatuation calls it one of the most iconic restaurants in LA, home to many a celeb-sighting, and the cheapest thing on the menu is a $17 appetizer of fried ravioli. These Brits are living large at Dan Tana's!

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