Will 'Vanderpump Rules' Return After Season 9?

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Will 'Vanderpump Rules' Return After Season 9?

Vanderpump Rules has definitely felt different this season for obvious reasons: not only did we lose a big portion of the core cast, but there are now babies. A lot of them! While the firing of OGs Stassi, Kristen, and Jax (among others) was definitely warranted, I would be lying if I said that the show just wasn't the same without their chaotic energy. With the final reunion episode airing tonight, and the show yet to be renewed for a 10th season, I am wondering if Vanderpump Rules will return at all.

The reunion

The first subtle hint that they may be closing up shop (metaphorically of course, #LongLiveSUR) is the fact that the reunion episodes are airing back to back. This is not the norm and makes me think that maybe Bravo is trying to tie things up as quickly as possible. Usually, you'll have three (in RHOBH's case, four) long weeks of breaking down every minute detail of the season. For Vanderpump? Two reunion episodes, airing on the same week. Strange.

The promo

Secondly, there wasn't a member of the cast on What Watch What Happens Live promoting the show after the first reunion. We'll often see at least one cast member Zoom in or appear in the Clubhouse to talk about what went down during that night's episode. (It's customary across all Bravo shows.) And while it's not a perfect science, it felt strange to have two RHOM stars on the first night of the Vanderpump reunion. There are other reasons that could contribute to this: booking, schedules, but lack of interest may be the top one.

The ratings

Most notably, though, are the ratings. According to The Daily Beast, "the show’s ratings have fallen to an all-time low of 550,000—around a quarter of its peak, when 2 million people tuned into the Season 2 finale." The Twitter account @Bravoratings posted that Episode 15 was the highest viewed episode this season with "0.781 million viewers (0.27 18-49 demo)," which is still less than half of what the show once was bringing in. And the numbers don't lie — there is a whole Reddit thread about how people are over the show.

If Bravo wants my opinion, which they literally don't but when has that stopped me from giving it in the past, I say it's time to throw in the towel. While Vanderpump Rules is still the definition of "love to hate them, or hate to love them," the show has been declining even before the cast shake up. The past couple seasons have been a bit wonky as the cast transitions from staffers at SUR to C-List celebrities, finding themselves in a phase of life that is, quite frankly, uninteresting. Alas, nine seasons is a very good run. And now they can relax with the fruits of their labor in Valley Village.

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