I'm Sorry, Katie Maloney-Schwartz

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I'm Sorry, Katie Maloney-Schwartz

Certain things come with age: Wisdom, stray gray hairs, a love of Brussels sprouts, and the realization that I may owe a reality star an apology. Over the years, we've watched Vanderpump Rules' Katie Maloney-Schwartz get drinks dumped on her, dye her hair orange, and we begrudgingly witnessed her journey to the alter with Tom Schwartz, and I must say, people really didn't like her. Myself included.

Oprah always says we all have "A-ha!"moments, which she defines as, "A moment of sudden inspiration, insight, recognition or comprehension." When did I have this moment, you ask, re: Katie? Truthfully, it was during a recent rewatch. I've grown and learned a lot about ~life since first viewing the show, so when I took the journey in going back and binging Vanderpump Rules from the beginning, it was eye-opening, and I'm shocked at how differently I look at this show now.

In Season 1, Katie was the quiet one. She wasn't as intense as the other cast members like Stassi Schroeder or Kristen Doute. She didn't have much conflict with anyone, not even Tom. But, you know, she wasn't the voice of reason, either... she was just kind of, there. And it was fine.

Then Season 2, the infamous orange hair era (which was a choice, and it's something she even said was a mistake) we got to meet "Tequila Katie," a drunk persona that lashes out at everyone close to her, scorching the earth in front of anyone who comes in her path. But let's dissect the real issue here.

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