Gaslighting 101 By Erika Jayne

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Gaslighting 101 By Erika Jayne

This is such a fun episode of Hot Off The Mess because there was so much to discuss. So much Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to dive into. It seems like week after week, we are being gaslit by Erika Jayne Girardi, and frankly, I have had it.

And it seems the "fox force five" is all-in on making Sutton Small Town Stracke the "scapegoat," per Garcelle. Kyle goes in on Sutton, when she herself has said things about Erika and has spoken to a lawyer. We have PK giving out legal advice, and I don't blame him for wanting Dorit to STFU, respectfully, of course.

I dive into the wanna be Lauren Conrad tear from Erika... she waited 'til that tear evaporated on her contoured mud-cheek before even thinking of picking up a napkin. And the extreme disappointment I felt in both Kathy and Crystal at the duck dinner. Also a hot take: this isn’t “dinner party from hell” equivalent IMO.

Also I dissect the Vanderpump Rules trailer and I’m excited (?). Lala comes for Brock and Scheana, which as you guys know, I am very suspicious of that relationships... poor Scheana. She never really makes the best decisions when it comes to her love life. It seems we get more Tom vs. Tom and less LVP and I think I am ok with that.

And as always, thanks to ZocDoc for making this all possible!

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