An Investigation Into What Happened To All Of Jax Taylor's "Dream Jobs"

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An Investigation Into What Happened To All Of Jax Taylor's "Dream Jobs"

Joffrey Baratheon. Dolores Umbridge. And, of course, Jax Taylor. All characters who lie, cheat, steal, and lie some more, and all characters who we just love to hate watch. Yet, only one, our lowly former SURver, still insists on taking up space in our Instagram feeds. (At least Dolores had an aesthetic.)

It's hard to believe we met Jax Taylor in 2013 as a rakish bartender at SUR (which side note, is the size of a coat closet and the infamous goat cheese balls are 2/10 at best — my unofficial review). It didn't take long for him to transform from devilishly handsome to, well, devil (even if Stassi Schroeder got the brunt of the hate at the time, as Brian Moylan notes in his Vanderpump Rules retro recap), with a series of missteps that would land most in reality show hell. (Translation: A starring role in perpetual Daily Mail headlines.) He slept with Kristen while Sandoval literally slept in the other room. He got a girl pregnant in Vegas and, of course, lied about it. And let's not forget the time he crashed Stassi's birthday party then ripped his chunky knit sweater off in the parking lot of a strip mall.

Still — just as there has been Skinnygirl by Bethenny, All In by Teddi, and Ageless by Ramona — there has been "I got my dream job opportunity" by Jax, bad reputation be damned. This man has had more "dream job opportunities" than anyone else on television, and yet here he is on Instagram poorly acting in a mattress ad.

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