Charli Burnett Has A Lot To Say About The OG Firings... And Lala

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Charli Burnett Has A Lot To Say About The OG Firings... And Lala

When we first met Charli Burnett, she was one of the four new full-time cast members added to the eighth season of Vanderpump Rules. It was a lot to keep track of. There were a lot of new faces and new dynamics and viewers didn't really know how to handle it. Myself included. We are creatures of habit in the Bravo Cinematic Universe and we had grown attached to the Vanderpump OGs, so it was hard to welcome new comers. Then we got to know Charli.

She was cute and bubbly, but also had this dry sense of humor where she spoke in a very monotone voice. She got shit for saying she's never had pasta and everyone was like "who the fuck is this" then, AND THEN, we got a Zoomunion performance of a lifetime.

Charli came prepared for the Season 8 reunion (her first). When she was attacked by Jax Taylor (for what seemed to be no reason) and some of the now-fired cast members dismissed her and shooed her away, she stood up for herself. She asked Jax if it was past his bedtime, and it was chef's kiss... mostly because none of us expected it. Not even Charli expected it.

But now that Jax and the other OGs are gone, does that change things? I had to ask Charli about it and how she felt about half the cast not returning for Season 9. We get into that, and she opens up about a very intense conversation she had with Lala Kent in Palm Springs.

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