The Top 3 Times Jax F*cked Over Brittany

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The Top 3 Times Jax F*cked Over Brittany

Brittany Cauchi, née Cartwright, and Jax Taylor, née Cauchi, are a match made in Kentucky fried heaven and we have to talk about their relationship. I'm not talking about their current, mattress-selling relationship, I'm talking about the old stuff.

We all know Jax is a bad person (he's the definition of a sociopath) but sometimes I genuinely wonder when watching reruns, does Brittany know this?

I think she does because she fucking married this guy, and not only that, but she defended him when he was frankly, indefensible. Not only did he cheat on her and embarrass her in front of the world, but he continuously put her in horrible positions.

For so long, there was so much blatant trash behavior happening on VPR that it kind of overshadowed whatever was happening with Brittany in regard to Jax; we were too busy hating the Stassis the Katies and/or the Kristens that we overlooked just how terrible it was for them. (And then how terrible the wedding was for us.)

These two are just so toxic. Here are the top three times Jax fucked over Brittany.

That Time He Forced Her To Defend the Indefensible

I mean, we could all say "which time" at this point because Brittany has repeatedly taken up for "her man" for years. He, of course, doesn't do the same for her, or really, have any respect for anyone other than himself, but anyway.

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