How To Get Blocked By Celebrities On Instagram, According To These Unlucky Normals

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How To Get Blocked By Celebrities On Instagram, According To These Unlucky Normals

“User not found.” Some of us are all too familiar with seeing those three words when searching for an Instagram profile, and that small but powerful phrase means one thing and one thing only: you’ve been blocked. Being blocked by a celebrity on Instagram isn't totally rare... I would know, since I made the Instagram account @blocked_by_Jax that was inspired by being, well, blocked by Jax Taylor from Vanderpump Rules.

Did I deserve to be blocked? Probably, since the reason he blocked me was because I said I wished his wedding was during the pandemic so we wouldn’t have had to watch an entire VPR season dedicated to it.

Although I’m fully aware of the reason Jax blocked me, I have no idea why Lisa Rinna blocked me during the last season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Couldn't tell ya.

But I couldn't be the only one getting blocked, right? Other people must be getting blocked, too?? Lo and behold, I found some fellow blockees and below, they share what they did to get Blocked! By! A! Reality! Star!

1. @kristin71589 Blocked By @madison.lecroy

Instagram user Kristin O'Hara got blocked by Southern Charm's Madison LeCroy. Madison had uploaded a story one day showing her followers how to use a new makeup brush she was endorsing. Kristin responded with: "How can you promote makeup products with all these picture filters? Your face literally looks like a blur and we can't see what the product looks like." It was an immediate block, Kristin tells me.

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