Lala & Randall's Publicity Stunt Is Working Overtime

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Lala & Randall's Publicity Stunt Is Working Overtime

The relationship between Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent and Randall Emmett has been nothing short of a Ramonacoaster, if you will. They got together in 2015 (but they kept the relationship a secret), engaged in 2018, had a baby in 2021, and three days ago they supposedly broke up, but on Tuesday, Lala and Randall are reportedly back together.

What we all witnessed five seasons ago on the show could've helped us predict this volatile relationship. This has always been very messy, but maybe they're so messy that they're stable. I feel like they're stable enough and "savvy" enough and thirsty enough to feel great about pretending to split in order to promote the show and Lala's non-New York Times best selling book.

Let's figure this out, together. Does a Lala and Randall split make sense, or is it all for show? Let's go back.

Lala joined the cast of Vanderpump Rules in Season 4 and by Season 5, she was constantly met with accusations about who she was dating, who was paying her rent, whose car was she driving, etc. Everyone on the cast seemed to know who she was seeing (they called her a whore for supposedly hooking up with a married guy), but Lala wouldn't reveal his identity and only referred to him as "my man."

Of course, a couple seasons later, we learn that her "man" is Randall who – and this never gets old – was the inspiration for the character Turtle in HBO's Entourage. Randall was good friends with Mark Wahlberg and was his assistant.

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