vibe ~10~

Totally agree. I really just want it to be a show about finding love but with the warm and cuddly friendship vibes of Great British Baking Show 😂

That OG Southern Charm girl squad of Cam, Chelsea, and Naomi were so amazing. Miss them!!!

Millennials need more content too! Would also watch a show about the now grown kids of Bravo (who instead we just keep up with on IG…missed opportunity?!)

Idk, for what it’s worth, DeuxMoi had several spotting a of them coupled up last week…next season plot line? Or did she just freak seeing this season (understandably she can 100% do better!!!)

Their book was my favorite too!

Veronica Mars! Loved seasons 1&2, but 3 was bleak. The movie was fantastic but I refuse to watch the new Hulu episodes knowing what happens! #teamLoVe