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Thank you Kate for representing the people who just don't care about music, I listen to podcasts at 2x speed all day long, then I want to read and watch TV I just don't add music in. Seeing live music just doesn't thrill me, my friends have stopped inviting me to concerts cuz unless it is a pop group from the early 2000's I have no interest, Spice Girls and N*Sync would be must sees but not much else.

I am a Connor the Cat stan!! I think Greg is getting to good of an edit to early, he is going to flame out and leave or something leaving Katie to fall for her true match Connor. Greg reminds me so much of the bolt boys of the past, Brendon, Peter, Brooks, and Frank, he is great for now but Connor should win. I mean watching their banter in the bloopers sold it! Connor is cute, funny and gets her or at least tailors to her.

I am with you, I am not bothered by the cat costume it seemed fun, funny and very tailered to her I am in love with Connor.

I know a lot of people are into Greg and I think Katie is into Greg but I think Connor is her match!! He is so smart, charming and WITTY. His song was fun and the bloopers scene was like true relationship goals, the casual teasing and banter was so sweet. I think greg pulls a Brendon, Brooks , Peter K or Frank and bolts leaveing Katie with her real match Connor the Cat.

Loved this episode!! Such random show that I have watched, this podcast constantly makes me feel good about my random and sad TV addiction. I think a great show for you guys would be Beauty and the Geek!! I absolutely loved that show.

I would like to point out that a few different parts of what you suggested do exist, if you want messy couples living in a house try bachelor pad, or bachelor in paradise. We have also followed couples after the show with the short lived Ben and Lauren show and the Twins spin off they both sucked. I also just think the bachelor doesn't last long enough for a show to follow

That Richard Storyline CRUSHED me! I loved him and Sutton so much and the baby storyline though real just makes me so sad I wish they could work out but i understand why they don't. I wish i could find my Richard.

There is a whole documentary about a lady who lied about being in the towers on 9-11 it is called “the woman who wasn’t there” . It is fascinating and terrifying but had to share after that story today/

If anyone is a lover of Lolita or new to it you need to check out the Lolita podcast by Jamie Loftus! It was so fascinating and I learned a lot about the book, the author and how it has been translated into pop culture.

I think that if the show had ended years ago with those 4 words it would have felt more full circle, Rory would have been younger and more in step with her moms journey. Having this reboot happen with Rory older and after the whole thing just makes Rory look incompetent and rude it didn't feel like it was the moment we needed. I think those words worked for the end of the original run but needed an update for this reboot.