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I do the same thing, sometimes I listen to the pod first and sometimes the show first but I love them all the same. I think even the rich's "in god we lust" would be a great mini series!! Also totally agree i am loving the thing about pam the show and binged the podcast after getting hooked by the show! The dateline guys podcast voice is amazing I need more from him.

I watched all of Emily owens Md!! I enjoyed that show so much and watched Jane the Virgin because of it.

I was never a huge HIMYM fan so I am not stuck in a comparison loop with the original, I also really love Hillary Duff so I am enjoying seeing her a lot. I am not sure the show has changed all the much since the beginning so if it wasn't for you then it probably still isn't. But if you like Hillary it is great.

I really enjoying the show! So excited it is getting more episodes

I feel like all the things you don't like about her are what I like!! I love that she brings up Mary's church since no one else does and her mess stirring up drama is not the best but i love it. I loved her scam knowledge in the van and that her husband actually seems to love her. I don't need her home life i just need her to bring the drama messy or not

I unfortunately remember it all. This show is so seered in my brain it is sad.

I freaking loves this show!!!! Annabelle became my favorite character by the end and I just wanted her and lavonne to be happy forever. Thanks Kate for defending this show because it does get better but also would be tough to watch in todays climate.

this has made me want to get the StarZ add on just to binge this!! ugh a dangerous prospect

Thank you for bringing this show back to my attention! I Loved this show and binged it one summer and loved loved it. If you want a book with a similar vibe read "one to watch"!

The storyline where Lucy forgot her lunch in a classroom and her teacher ate it, I still remember that when i think about what is the shortest distance between two points!!!