We Priced Out "Treat Yo Self" Day From 'Parks & Rec' & It Will Make Your Wallet Hurt

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We Priced Out "Treat Yo Self" Day From 'Parks & Rec' & It Will Make Your Wallet Hurt

Today is the day where you can literally buy whatever you want without the weight of your bank account holding you down. Wondering if you should buy front row seats for the Harry Styles concert? Treat yo self. Hermès Birkin bag? Treat yo self. The Sweetgreen Harvest Bowl that somehow ends up costing like $15? Treat yo self. Today is, per Tom and Donna's standards, "the best day of the year," after all, even if Treat Yo Self Day costs you a small fortune.

I know what you're thinking, "this all sounds very expensive." And to that I say, you're not wrong. For perspective, the average Parks and Recreation Manager in Indiana makes about $50,043, per ZipRecruiter. But this, my friends, is the one day of the year where you can do, and have, whatever the fuck you want. (Just try not to go into bankruptcy!)

Still, to manage expectations, I decided to walk us through Tom and Donna's "Treat Yo Self" Day, because these two have a spending habit that will literally leave you seeing red. Like, in the red. So if you decide to go big this Oct. 13 and live life like Tom and Donna did, here's what it's gonna cost you.

We start the day off with a DJ announcing our arrival

Total = $250.

We then treat ourselves to our favorite bakery's cupcakes!

Go For It
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