Okay wait because Scooby Doo needs a gritty reboot.

What happened to the flop of a pilot that was the CW’s gritty Powerpuff Girls reboot? Are we ever getting that? I saw production photos, and it looked like a cheap, Lifetime budget mess… BUT, I was excited and would have watched every second of it until it was ultimately cancelled.

I love a dark reimagining of a classic children’s hit - Sabrina, Riverdale, Nancy Drew, Bel Air, and I think Scooby Doo needs to be next.

4 teens that travel in an RV solving mysteries - at LEAST one exploring her sexuality, one with a drug issue, and I’m sure Daphne and Fred could find something to do. The show writes itself. A mystery of the week with a new Big Bad every season? I mean, COME ON.

What storylines am I missing? Because The Hex Girls, Scrappy Doo, and Red Herring NEED to be involved.

Most importantly, who should be cast?