Team Tariq or Team Gregory on Abbott Elementary?

If you're anything like me, you're completely obsessed with the new hit sitcom Abbott Elementary. It's sweet, it's hilarious, and like any great show, it has a will-they, won't they storyline to keep us guessing/waiting/wishing. In just eight short episodes we've already seen the incredible chemistry between the chipper Janine (Quinta Brunson) and the more reserved Gregory (Tyler James Williams) and the tension is definitely there. In the last episode (the fall-down funny "Work Family") we met Janine's long-standing boyfriend, the goofy, yet weirdly endearing Tariq (Zack Fox). A lesser show would have made Tariq a total dud with zero endearing qualities, and while Janine can, undeniably, do better, you can see what she's seen in him for so long. He's fearless and funny (unintentionally, but still funny) and they have a really cute rapport with one another. Of course, Janine needs someone on her level, that challenges her in a good way, which is where Gregory comes in. Not only is he a good dancer (who knew!) but he's smart and thoughtful and, let's face it, extremely good looking. Now, I'm rooting for Gregory, don't get me wrong, but a part of me already feels bad for Tariq and just wants things to work out for him. I was curious how other Abbott Elementary fans felt about this emerging love triangle. Am I going too easy on Tariq? Will Gregory every actually step up to the plate if/when Janine becomes single? One thing I know for sure: I can't wait for the next new episode!