'FBOY Island' Is Like 'The Bachelorette' But All The Wrong Reasons

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'FBOY Island' Is Like 'The Bachelorette' But All The Wrong Reasons

Have you ever watched The Bachelorette and wished it had a little more Too Hot To Handle? Well, wish no more, because HBO Max's FBOY Island trailer is here to make your reality TV dreams come true. And it's better than anyone could have ever hoped.

FBOY Island will put three single women "ready for love" (who also happen to look like swimsuit models), Nakia Renee, CJ Franco, and Sarah Emig, on an island with 24 men. 12 of the men are "nice guys," but the other 12 are "FBoys" who must be rooted out. The three women will be tasked with discovering the men's true intentions, while also looking for love. "By the finale, all will be revealed – who is a Nice Guy, who is an FBoy, and who the women ultimately choose," reads the official synopsis.

Oh, and there's also a prize of $100,000, though the trailer doesn't really make clear how one can win that money. I assume a FBoy will win if they are chosen as one of the final Nice Guys, or one of the female leads could win by correctly identifying the Nice Guys and FBoys? TBD.

The show is hosted by Nikki Glaser and was actually created by Bachelor producer, with Sam Dean of Love is Blind as showrunner. So, yeah, it's going to be fun.

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What's most intriguing about FBOY Island is that it totally gets rid of the tired "here for the right reasons" trope of The Bachelor/Bachelorette by making it a game and putting it front and center. The entire point of the show is to find out who is here for the right reasons — and, most importantly, who's not. It's a simple twist, but one that is also refreshingly honest about the whole point of these shows. Does anyone really go on The Bachelor just to find love? Unlikely, but the entire premise of the show depends on both the leads and the viewers buying into that idea. With FBOY Island, love is on the back burner.

We are here for one reason: to find the FBoys. And as a woman who has perused the online dating scene, I'm more than up to the challenge. In fact, based on the promo, I already have some theories as to who's a FBoy and who's a Nice Guy.

Greg Metelus — FBoy

Like this guy, Greg Metelus, who spends the majority of the promo grooming his beard (which is, admittedly, quite luscious). Honestly, he just looks like he's having way too much fun in the promo to be a Nice Guy — plus he's always rubbing his hands together in a way that looks like he's purposefully turning up the charm. He's also seen getting into a fight with another guy on the beach who, in a previous clip, swears he's here for the right reasons. (Could be a set up, but I'm totally buying it, if so.) To steal a phrase from CJ, "He's really cute, but he looks like he could ruin my life." I call FBoy.

Fernando Titus — Nice Guy

On the other end of the spectrum, we've got Fernando Titus, who I believe is a Nice Guy because his goofy dance moves in the promo are just too borderline embarrassing. A FBoy would never take that risk.

Mark Moran — F Boy

I know that this is just the promo and it's obviously super produced, but this is the only guy wearing a suit on the beach, and for this reason he cannot be trusted. NEXT.

Garrett Morosky — Nice Guy??

In the promo, Garrett literally says he came to the island for a relationship, not for "the game," which definitely sounds like something a Nice Guy would say. Unfortunately, it's also something a FBoy would say if he was trying to fool us into thinking he's a Nice Guy.

What red flags are did you spot in the promo? Let us know in the comments! FBoy Island will premiere on HBO Max July 29.


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