Ariana Grande Is Too Famous To Be On 'The Voice'

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Ariana Grande Is Too Famous To Be On 'The Voice'

Well, this is certainly a switch in positions, Ari. On Tuesday, March 30, Ariana Grande announced that she will be joining The Voice as a coach for Season 21. And while I would never tell the high-pony queen what to do, we have to face the facts: Ariana Grande is way too famous for The Voice.

Yes, Grande will join a family of celebrated artists in The Voice family. She'll be coaching alongside Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, and John Legend, who are all huge in their own right. But, Ariana Grande? That's a whole other level of fame and, most importantly, fandom. Kelly Clarkson has a huge talk show and John Legend has an EGOT, but Grande can have a pig delivered to her apartment on a whim. She has the kind of fame where she could make a legion of fans do anything she wants (like vote). Which is why it is so strange to see her wield this power to... make her fans watch The Voice?

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Look, obviously, every single coach on The Voice has had an incredible career in the music industry, but, let's be honest, most people who join are looking for a career boost. They might use The Voice to help them launch a comeback album (see: Gwen Stefani), or pass the time between Jonas Brothers reunions (see: Nick Jonas). But, Grande doesn't need The Voice plug her work.

Whatever her reasons for joining The Voice, there's no question Grande will be a fun coach — I can hear the harmonies now. And her involvement has already become a meme, so I guess, good for her?

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Honestly, I don't really care why Grande wants to do The Voice, all I ask is that it gives us the Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson duet we deserve.


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