8 Things To Know About The 'Selling Tampa' Cast

8 Things To Know About The 'Selling Tampa' Cast

The Selling Sunset franchise has expanded to include the dynamic women of Selling Tampa, but the Allure Brokerage is nothing like The Oppenheim Group. The all-Black, all-female run group of realtors was started by Sharelle Rosado in 2019. After two years of selling houses on her own, Sharelle was more than ready to be her own boss, and she was determined to surround herself with other passionate, driven women. It's clear from her new Netflix series that she succeeded on that front.

Each member of the Selling Tampa cast brings their own unique background and talents to the brokerage. Most of them have some background in sales, but at least one member of the cast is also a lawyer, while another had aspirations to become a model at one point. Ready to find out more about the women who are starring in your next reality show obsession? Read on for everything you need to know about the Selling Tampa cast.

1.Sharelle Rosado's Time In The U.S. Army Honed Her Management Skills

At 33, Sharelle has not only already created a successful brokerage that recently opened a second office in Miami, she also had a career in the military before starting Allure in 2019. She first joined the U.S. Army in 2007, and bought her first house at the age of 22. Although she decided to explore a career change in 2017, her time in the military helped her hone her management skills.

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