Where Is Jake Garcia Playing Now? The 'Titletown High' Star Has Landed In The Sunshine State

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Where Is Jake Garcia Playing Now? The 'Titletown High' Star Has Landed In The Sunshine State

Nothing explains how serious high school football can really be for some families than the plight of Titletown High's Jake Garcia. In the first episode of the series, he's presented as a dark horse, coming all the way from California to play at Valdosta High School in Georgia, screwing up everyone's dreams of being starting quarterback. But that changed with just one Wildcats game under his belt. Let's recap Garcia's long journey to where he's playing football now.

Garcia controversially moved to Georgia after the state of California cancelled all sports for the 2020 season due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a star, senior player at Narbonne High School, Garcia already had multiple colleges looking to recruit him, so the move meant that he had to make some quick decisions in order to have a senior year of football under his belt in order to get those scholarships.

At the time, Garcia had already "committed" to the University of Southern California to play football for them. He reportedly also had offers from Miami University, Arizona State, and the University of Texas.

Upon his move, things got tricky. Garcia was deemed ineligible to play for Valdosta after his father also revealed in an ESPN interview that he and his wife had legally separated in order to make a "bonafide move" so that Jake would meet the requirements for a transfer student. A bonafide move means that the kid moves with both parents, but since Jake's mom couldn't leave her job, they legally separated so that Randy would have full custody of Jake, with the intention of getting back together after the 2020 football season.

Luckily, the maneuvering around the eligibility rules didn't hurt Jake's prospects when it came to football. Shortly after leaving Valdosta, he was deemed eligible to play at another high school, Grayson High, outside of Atlanta given that his father had sole, legal custody of him, per ESPN. From there, he declared in December 2020 that he had committed to the University of Miami for the 2021 football season. As of Titletown High's release, he's currently on the roster as #13, a freshman quarterback.

And it looks like he's enjoying his time in the sunshine state.

[rich Embed]

Like, really, really enjoying it.

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All in all, his cross country moves seem to have paid off. Even if things got a little tricky along the way.

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