The Valdosta Football Scandal, Explained For Your Post-'Titletown High' Reading

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The Valdosta Football Scandal, Explained For Your Post-'Titletown High' Reading

Titletown High presents itself as a sort of Friday Night Lights, but the reality TV version. That's all fine and good, but while the series focuses mostly on the dating lives of high school football players and the pressures they face on the field, the series totally buries the lede when it comes to all of the scandal brewing about Valdosta throughout the entire filming process.

We get little nuggets of it throughout, starting with the fact that transfer student Jake Garcia was deemed ineligible to play in Episode 2, after just one game. Later, old man Michael "Nub" Nelson pops up here and there talking about Coach Rush Propst, and in the final episodes, we can hear Propst complaining that the head of the Touchdown Club seemed to be out to get him. If you were left scratching your head as to what was really going on amid the Zoe-Lenley-Grayson love triangle, trust that you are not alone. But don't worry, I did some investigating for you.

Coach Propst Came With Baggage

Propst is presented in the doc as a superstar, tough talking coach, tasked with bringing Valdosta High back to its glory days. Along with a history of winning games, Propst also came with a ton of baggage.

Early in his career, Propst was at Hoover High in Alabama, where he won five state championships in nine seasons, per ESPN. He was also forced to resign after it was revealed that he was using the football club's money to support a second family he had in town and various "improprieties in his program." He then moved to Georgia, where he coached at Colquitt County High School. Propst was fired from his position for allegedly engaging in some shady recruitment practices along with administering meds improperly to his players. Propst has denied all of the allegations, which might explain some of that chip he seems to carry on his shoulder throughout Titletown High.

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