Does Amari Jones From 'Titletown High' Still Play At Valdosta?

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Does Amari Jones From 'Titletown High' Still Play At Valdosta?

By the end of Titletown High Season 1, Amari Jones is back with his on-again-off-again high school sweetheart, Morgan Miller, coming off an all around decent football season. All seems right with his world. What he doesn't know as the credits roll is that a scandal surrounding Coach Rush Propst and the Valdosta football club was about to boil over, and Amari ended up smack dab in the middle of it all.

Amari explains in Episode 1 of the Netflix series that he and mother moved to Valdosta from Atlanta in order for him to have a stand out junior year and start as a senior quarterback, setting him up, hopefully, for a handful of offers from colleges. That seemed to be happening for him, until recordings of Coach Propst talking about using "funny money" to woo recruits, including allegedly having the Valdosta Touchdown Club pay the rent for transfer players.

Per ESPN, Michael "Nub" Nelson said in a deposition that Propst asked the club to pony up $2,500 a month for Jake Garcia's family's rent for the season and $850 a month for Jones' rent. Garcia was deemed ineligible to play after just one season game, before the recordings were released. Simply put, Propst had a lot more to worry about than whether or not Amari was text fighting with his girlfriend before a big game.

Once the recordings came to the attention of the Georgia High Sports Association (GHSA), Propst lost his contract with Valdosta, but even more devastating is that the program had to pay $7,500 in fines, the team was barred from 2021 post-season games, and the 2020 season was entirely forfeited for five players who were ruled ineligible to play. Along with Garcia, that included Jones, Tahj Sanders, Jamad Willis and Ty’Li Lewis. All of the players families have denied any wrongdoing and appealed the decision, to no avail.

So where is Amari playing now? Because he was also deemed ineligible to play in any GHSA sport for a year, Amari has since transferred to Bradford High School in Florida for his senior year.

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While he's finishing out his senior year in Florida, he also has a number of offers from almost a dozen colleges to play football for the 2022 season, which means that Propst's dealings might not have totally stalled his QB career. Most of the drama in Titletown High revolved around the players' social lives and the pressure they faced before each big game, but it's clear that the real issues were brewing just below the surface all the time, whether the players knew it or not.

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