The 'Tiny Pretty Things' Cast Is Full Of Professional Dancers With Impressive Resumes

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The 'Tiny Pretty Things' Cast Is Full Of Professional Dancers With Impressive Resumes

Ballet is basically a character unto itself in Netflix's Tiny Pretty Things. Over the course of the 10-episode first season, every principle actor gets at least one standout moment including Cassie's (Anna Maiche) ledge performance in the pilot and Shane's (Brennan Clost) impressive nearly-nude impromptu rooftop number. But are the Tiny Pretty Things actors really dancers?

It turns out the Tiny Pretty Things' casting directors outdid themselves in terms of finding stars who could dance and act. While most of the cast has limited onscreen credits, they've pretty much all spent time on the stage, and on the whole, their dancing pedigrees are impeccable.

According to the show's head choreographer and dance consultant Jennifer Nichols that was very much by design. In a recent interview with Dance Spirit, Nichols revealed that she was searching for dancers who could act as well as they could move, or as she called them "unicorns." She explained, "To be at that level of dance skill is already a huge feat, and to be a brilliant actor on top of that is hard."

After an extensive search, Netflix assembled a cast of up-and-comers whose skills on and off the dance floor are enviable. Read on to discover just how talented the Tiny Pretty Things cast truly is.

Kylie Jefferson (Neveah)

Is she a dancer? Absolutely! Jefferson is the youngest person to ever be accepted t0 the Debbie Allen Dance Academy (DADA). She also studied dance at Washington D.C.'s Kirov Academy of Ballet, and graduated from the Boston Conservatory with a BFA in contemporary dance performance.

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