Who Is Uncle Nicky Married To In The 'This Is Us' Season 5 Finale Flash Forward?

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Who Is Uncle Nicky Married To In The 'This Is Us' Season 5 Finale Flash Forward?

Uncle Nicky has had quite the journey on This Is Us. After all, exalted patriarch Jack Pearson — who died in perhaps the most heartbreaking way imaginable when his children were teenagers — didn't even tell his kids that they had an Uncle Nicky, due to a tragic mistake he made during the Vietnam War. Now, former shut-in Nicky is such an important part of the Pearson clan that one of Kevin's twins is named after him. It seems Nicky is starting an immediate family of his own, too. In the This Is Us Season 5 flash forward, Uncle Nicky is married — we heard him say it — now the question is just, to who?

It's certainly one of the sweeter reveals of Season 5's final episode (and we really needed it after learning that Kate and Toby's marriage imploded) but fans may have already put it together in the season four flash forward, where Nicky is wearing a gold wedding band.

One thing we don't know yet is who Nicky's wife actually is. Sure, it's possible that she's a total stranger — but this is This Is Us, which prides itself on its jaw-dropping reveals, and honestly, how exciting would Uncle Nicky just finding someone on Match.com be? (I mean, adorable, because I love any story about a once bitter old man finding love, but it certainly wouldn't be anywhere near the level of Kevin-getting-Madison pregnant surprise.)

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