Remember Toby's Brother On 'This Is Us'? Where'd He Go?

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Remember Toby's Brother On 'This Is Us'? Where'd He Go?

I don't know what it is about siblings on This Is Us who aren't The Big Three, or Uncle Nicky, but a few significant ones have dropped like flies from the family tree over time. Let's look at the track record here. For one, I recently realized that Rebecca's sister was introduced back in Season 1 but was simply left in the dust, save for a few, sparing mentions. And now, I'm wondering where Toby's brother went on This Is Us, too.

Don't remember Toby's brother? I can't blame you, because he hasn't been brought up since early Season 3.

All these disappearances make me wonder if This Is Us just hates siblings. OK maybe not, but there's got to be a reason we're not supposed to remember these siblings so deep into the show. Perhaps it's because they've inflicted hardship and trauma on the characters we're actually rooting for, like Rebecca and Toby. Or is it that seeing them work through their strained relationships is something This Is Us is saving for the final season?

In any case, never meeting them as adults feels pretty fishy in a series so steeped in family matters. So in honor of rediscovering the second "lost This Is Us sibling," I've decided to unearth what it is we even know about Toby's younger brother and why their relationship seems so distant.

Toby just as well could be asking us viewers, five seasons in
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