The Death Count For 'The Witcher' Season 2

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The Death Count For 'The Witcher' Season 2

Spoilers ahead for The Witcher Season 2.

As a witcher, Geralt of Rivia is kind of known for killing. Though the toughest death of The Witcher Season 2 wasn't a kill that Geralt willingly did. Beyond beloved equine companions (how I'll miss thee, Roach!), there were plenty of deaths in this season of The Witcher... even if it didn't end with Yennefer blowing up the Nilfgaard Army. Whether they were creatures, men, or babies (and there was a lot of baby killing), here are the major deaths of The Witcher Season 2.

Who Is Dead:

  • Vereena the bruxa — after she killed the entire village (though Geralt wouldn't kill his beast pal Nivellen and forced him to live with his guilt)
  • Eskel — when he became overcome by a leshy, Geralt had no choice but to kill his friend and fellow witcher in a big departure from the books
  • A myriapod — this centipede beast helpfully killed the leshy for Geralt, but that didn't mean Geralt could let it live
  • Two Redanian advisors to King Vizimir — good thing spymaster Sigismund Dijkstra was there to stop the king from being poisoned
  • Dermain and Ba'lian — the two elves that Yennefer and Cahir met in the sewers never got to escape to freedom since Dermain was apparently killed by an octopus creature and Ba'lian sacrificed himself to save Jaskier and the other elf refugees
  • Roach — Geralt names all his horses Roach, but RIP to Roach One, who Geralt put out of her misery after a chernobog attack
  • The chernobog — you don't kill Roach and get to live
  • The Michelet Brothers — Geralt kills the murder crew when they come to the Temple of Melitele with "fire fucker" Rience
  • Zola, Yurga, and Nadbor — Rience killed the woman who had taken Ciri in at the end of Season 1, the merchant that Geralt had saved from a ghoul, and their son
  • General Hake and two other Nilfgaard generals — Fringilla made a dinner party turn very deadly with some nightshade in the mead
  • Cintra soldiers — if you're going to attack Ciri, Geralt and his dwarven friends are going to attack you
  • Francesca and Filavandrel's elf baby — turns out, Ciri's daddy ordered the hit on the first pure-blooded elf baby in decades
  • A whole bunch of witchers — Ciri (possessed by the Deathless Mother) killed Everard, Gwain, and Merek in their sleep; at least one other witcher died in the resulting battle with Voleth Meir
  • The human babies of Redania — Francesca exacted her revenge for the death of her baby, but she doesn't know that Emhyr is the one who's really to blame

And since we're at it, here's:

Who Came Back From The Dead:

  • Yennefer — OK, she wasn't really ever dead, but poor Geralt thought so for most of the season
  • Ciri's dad Duny, aka Emhyr var Emreis, aka the White Flame — Ciri's dad allegedly drowned to death in a storm, but he's back and planning an ominous reunion with his daughter

The body count may not have been as high as in Season 1, but the deaths were just as disturbing. And with everyone, including Emhyr, still after Ciri, expect the death toll to continue to climb in Season 3.

Images: Jay Maidment/Netflix, Netflix (2), Susie Allnutt/Netflix

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