What Does Ciri's Elder Blood Mean For The Future? 'The Witcher' Books Might Offer Up A Clue

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What Does Ciri's Elder Blood Mean For The Future? 'The Witcher' Books Might Offer Up A Clue

It's official, Ciri is now The Continent's version of the rarest Pokémon on The Witcher. By the end of Season 2, everyone from the elves to The White Flame to The Brotherhood of Sorcerers wants to find Ciri and use her powers to further their own agendas. On top of all that, the Princess of Cintra also discovered she has elder blood — which just so happens to come with a world-ending prophecy attached. All in all, things are looking pretty grim for the princess even with Geralt and Yennefer by her side.

At this stage, the only thing that's certain about Ciri's elder blood is that it's extremely powerful. Thanks to Triss and Istredd, it's revealed that Ciri is a direct descendant of the powerful elven sorceress Lara Dorren, who fell in love with the human she was supposed to kill shortly after the Conjunction. As a result, a curse went into effect stating that the tenth generation of her ancestors would bring ruin to humanity.

Ciri just so happens to be ten generations removed from Lara, which means she is destined to destroy the humans and return the elves to power. That's why Francesca and the Wild Hunt want to get their hands on her — as far as they're concerned, she's the child of chaos who will restore the elves' power and eradicate humans from The Continent for good. But what does all of this mean for Ciri in the long run? The Witcher book series by Andrzej Sapkowski may hold a few answers.

While the show has made quite a few changes from the books (not to mention the video games), Ciri's current predicament of being the most wanted person on The Continent remains the same. As soon as word about her elder blood gets out, all of the people who have been warring with one anther over control of the Continent turn their attention to her. This leaves Geralt and Yennefer to serve as her chief protectors, but they can't keep her safe forever.

That's why Yennefer takes Ciri under her wing and teaches her to control her chaos in the books. The more control she has over her power, the more capable Ciri becomes of protecting herself. At the end of the day, the princess is the most powerful person in the entire series, she just has to learn how to harness her chaos to protect herself and others.

As for that world-ending prophecy regarding the Wild Hunt, if the show sticks close to the books there should be a big twist coming. You see, they may look like terrifying wraiths who are about usher in an apocalypse, but the Wild Hunt is actually made up of a group of elves from another world. They use parlor tricks to make their whole deal seem much scarier than it actually is. That's not to say they aren't dangerous — they are — but at the end of the day, they're just another group who wants to use Ciri for their own gain.

The good news for Ciri is, she's a born ruler, and despite the prophecies and the dangers to come, the books indicate she'll have a happy, albeit odd, ending. (In the books, she ends up riding off with Sir Galahad from the Arthurian legend, but I suspect the show might have other plans for the princess.) For now though, expect Season 3 to be heavy on training sessions and fleeing from danger as she learns to harness her chaos and tries to avoid being used as a pawn in the machinations of the Continent's most powerful players.

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