The Wildest Reveals On 'The Ultimatum' Finale & Reunion

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The Wildest Reveals On 'The Ultimatum' Finale & Reunion

What a journey we were taken on in the first season of The Ultimatum. Or should I say "experiment." Netflix loves to call it an "experiment." This Love Is Blind spinoff definitely kept me on my toes the whole way through and today we finally got to see which couples are together, which are engaged, and which went their separate ways. I honestly thought everyone was going to break up, but that was shockingly, not the case.

That said, I pulled together some of the biggest reveals from The Ultimatum finale and reunion episodes, because there honestly were quite a lot. Can't wait for a second season!

  • Shanique and Randall got engaged.
  • The fact that Shanique and Randall's proposal happened in front of an RV.
  • Jake and April's final meet up happened on a literal bench in front of a horse barn. (These locations have me dying.)
  • April and Jake breaking up. (I mean, I honestly expected it but still seeing it is kind of surprising.)
  • Rae and Jake leaving together... after Jake said that he's not going to run off with her to April. Hmm, that's suspicious.
  • Madlyn and Colby getting engaged was truly shocking. Also that cowboy hat.
  • Madlyn and Colby getting married. (And still, the cowboy hat.)
  • Madlyn and Colby expecting a baby. (Will the baby be wearing a cowboy hat?)
  • After Jake and April's breakup, they were still staying with each other for a couple of months.
  • Rae and Jake didn't go on the trip. (This is actually insane to me. I'm sure Netflix was covering the bill, right?)
  • Rae and Zay tried again after the show.
  • Zay said he fell asleep at a friend's house that night he went missing.
  • Rae has been seeing a girl after breaking up with Zay.
  • Shanique and Randall broke up for six months after their engagement, and have gotten back together since.
  • Colby and Madlyn were never in an open relationship.

This season, while definitely rough at times, will definitely only get better with age. Plus, Season 2 of The Ultimatum is reportedly going to feature an all-queer cast.

Image: Netflix

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